How to login MIS PORTAL Education Department Haryana

Aug 14, 2023

How to login MIS portal haryana for employees

If you are trying to login in 2023, then the login url has been changed.

First it was on another url to login to mis i.e. www.hryedumis.gov.in.

But now a new url i.e. www.mis.oneschoolsuite.com

So click on this url for mis haryana employee login. Then it will open a login page like below.

Now enter your id and password.

If you forgot your id then click on forgot password and an otp will be sent to your email id or phone no.

Then you can change.

If still having some issues in login then contact your district nodal officer to help you in this.

After login you will see this type of dashboard.

Now you can do several tasks here like

  • My profile -> Student Management ->Fresh

  • My Profile
  • Personal Profile
  • Profile Correction Request
  • Service Profile
  • Edit Address

  • Student Management
  • Pending Admission
  • Student Re-Admission
  • Section Allocation
  • Subjects Allocation
  • Roll Number Allocaton
  • Student Transition
  • Student Relieving
  • Issue SLC
  • View Student Profile
  • Edit Student Profile
  • Revert Ex-Student
  • Student Repeat Reversal
  • View Students Listing
  • Add Sections
  • Student Repeatation
  • Drop Our Students
  • Change Student Stream
  • Change Student Subject
  • Change Student Admission Number
  • Change Student Section

  • Create Tempprary PPP ID
  • My Points
  • Preference Logs
  • Transport Facility
  • Appointment Category
  • Block Choice Preferences

At the time of writing this article, these are the options available in MIS.

When a new employee joins the department, a new id has been created for him/her.

Then he has to login on this MIS portal to fill his details.

Then it goes to the higher authority to approve his MIS on mis portal.

It need to be verified from the higher authority to get mis completed on mis portal.

When an employee gets transferred then all the records of his old and new place of posting is filled on MIS Portal.

Almost every details is filled on mis portal of education haryana.

This is very easy and effective way to keep records of the employees.

All the transfers are done online on this mis portal.

So this is just not a portal but a treasure for an employee.

Another portal is HRMS where all the financial matters are recorded of an emloyee.

The salary is disbursed through the hrms portal to the bank account of the employee.

Another portal is Intra haryana where an employee with his id and password can login and see some details like his salary statement, gpf and many others.

This is also very important for an employee.